Kennesaw Minor in Possession Arrest and Charge

I was at a college party that would get busted, and being that I am not yet 21, I wound up being the only who went to jail. Everyone was having a good time drinking at an off campus student housing complex near Kennesaw State. When the cops showed up I was outside and didn’t think to run when I saw the blue lights pull up. The next thing I knew there was a bright flashlight waving around in my face. When the officer put the handcuffs on my wrists, my body went numb. All I could think about was that I’d never been to jail before, and that my life was ruined. I was being arrested for Minor in Possession of Alcohol.

If you’ve never been to jail, when you get there, they take your clothes and shoes. I still remember how I felt when being fingerprinted and forced to change into that blue jumpsuit. After an hour, an officer told me my bail amount, and how bonding companies work. In Cobb county jail, you can make as many phone calls as you need before they book you and put you in population. I called my parents, and they came and got me out fairly quickly.

A few days later, I contacted Matthew Enslein. He was so knowledgeable and personable. I met with Mr. Enslein, and he explained to me that different options I still had to keep the MIP off of my record. I’d never been arrested before, so we discussed the Cobb County State Court Diversion Program. It turned out I was not eligible because my BAC was over .08 when I was arrested.

This is where Mr. Enslein truly stood out above the rest!

Matthew somehow was able to convince the prosecutors to allow me into the Diversion Program anyway. He was able to ensure that I had enough time to complete the Diversion Program. I had never gone before a judge before. Mr. Enslein took care of all of that for me! Matthew pretty much walked me through everything that I had to do and I was surprised by how fast I was in and out of court. Just like that, the Minor in Possession of Alcohol charge was dismissed and my arrest was expunged (also known as record restricted).

Now I’m about to graduate college, enter the real world, and still have a clean record. It’s like my arrest for Minor in Possession of Alcohol never happened.