Battery Visible Harm Client in Cobb County


What being charged with battery visible harm was like for a student in Cobb County, as told by the student.


The morning of my calculus test I stopped by my boyfriend’s house to grab my calculator. Upon entering, I found him in bed with another girl. After leaving in a hurry, I returned later to have a conversation with my boyfriend. Unfortunately, she was still there and the conversation turned into a fight between the girl and myself.

About a month later, two well-dressed men from the Cobb County Police Department knocked on my door. After informing me they had questions for me, they escorted me to the station and placed me in a brightly lit white room. After about 20 minutes of sitting alone, the officers returned. At this point, they read me my rights and told me I was being arrested. I was placed in holding around 9 p.m. and released around 3 p.m. the next day.

I was charged with battery with visible harm and faced more jail time and a serious fine. I spoke to at least ten lawyers and decided to meet three. The first two were nice and told me that I was the victim in the situation and none of this should have ever happened. They went on to tell me that they could get it reduced and would charge me later to have it expunged. After many more calls, I finally called Mathew. He asked me to come in for a consultation so we could talk in person. I felt like this was my responsibility to take care of, but I really needed guidance. He helped me understand the laws. He told me exactly what I was charged for and on what premise they had to charge me with it. He also talked about loopholes and my side of the story and how these were the things we could use to dismiss my case and/or get it reduced. He also spoke about a diversion program which would in my case maybe the best thing for me. He had reason and fact behind what he was telling me. While he was sympathetic he was realistic. I hired him the next week.

From that point forward he handled all my court appearances, and would call me after to let me know what happened. With my permission we decided to go the alternate route (diversion) which allowed me to do only community service and an anger/drug evaluation. I had no jail time and no probation. The only day I had to go to court was my very last court date when I was given a sheet of paper that said everything was expunged and I was free to go.

After everything I would not have chosen another lawyer. He took care of everything for me and was easy to get in touch with if I ever had any questions or concerns. He cared about both me and my case and looked out for my best interest, which is why I would go back to him and recommend him to anyone who asked.


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Kennesaw Minor in Possession Arrest and Charge

I was at a college party that would get busted, and being that I am not yet 21, I wound up being the only who went to jail. Everyone was having a good time drinking at an off campus student housing complex near Kennesaw State. When the cops showed up I was outside and didn’t think to run when I saw the blue lights pull up. The next thing I knew there was a bright flashlight waving around in my face. When the officer put the handcuffs on my wrists, my body went numb. All I could think about was that I’d never been to jail before, and that my life was ruined. I was being arrested for Minor in Possession of Alcohol.

If you’ve never been to jail, when you get there, they take your clothes and shoes. I still remember how I felt when being fingerprinted and forced to change into that blue jumpsuit. After an hour, an officer told me my bail amount, and how bonding companies work. In Cobb county jail, you can make as many phone calls as you need before they book you and put you in population. I called my parents, and they came and got me out fairly quickly.

A few days later, I contacted Matthew Enslein. He was so knowledgeable and personable. I met with Mr. Enslein, and he explained to me that different options I still had to keep the MIP off of my record. I’d never been arrested before, so we discussed the Cobb County State Court Diversion Program. It turned out I was not eligible because my BAC was over .08 when I was arrested.

This is where Mr. Enslein truly stood out above the rest!

Matthew somehow was able to convince the prosecutors to allow me into the Diversion Program anyway. He was able to ensure that I had enough time to complete the Diversion Program. I had never gone before a judge before. Mr. Enslein took care of all of that for me! Matthew pretty much walked me through everything that I had to do and I was surprised by how fast I was in and out of court. Just like that, the Minor in Possession of Alcohol charge was dismissed and my arrest was expunged (also known as record restricted).

Now I’m about to graduate college, enter the real world, and still have a clean record. It’s like my arrest for Minor in Possession of Alcohol never happened.

Kennesaw Student Simple Assault Charge

My at-the-time boyfriend called the police after we had a toxic argument where we both cut one of the other’s belongings. The police came out and decided “we had both pushed each other” (did not happen) and arrested the both of us for simple assault. Neither of us wanted that to happen to the other. They had arrested him before even speaking to me. It felt so unfair sitting in jail, embarrassingly having to call someone to help bail me out (not to mention the costs), for something we weren’t even guilty of. We are both employed, law-abiding citizens working very hard at our careers while in post-graduate school. Neither of us could afford to have our lives derailed and our records permanently scarred with an assault charge. We received 20+ letters from various lawyers in the weeks following, and I called or emailed about 10 of them. Matthew took my phone call even while busy with family to advise me and schedule an in-office consultation. We met with three of the lawyers. Matthew was by far the most professional and knowledgeable, while also being the most genuine.   All of the other lawyers we spoke with had that know-it-all, stuck up attitude. Matthew is easy to talk to and an all around good guy.

The other lawyers had told us we would have to do community service and meet all of these other requirements for a ‘diversion program’. I was also advised that having a previous DUI (that was dropped to reckless driving) would most likely prevent me from being able to participate in the program, causing me to have to go to trial. They advised us this would be a lengthy process. Matthew told me my DUI would be no issue, and if I took an anger assessment and got the results to him the charge would be dropped and off my record before my first court date. Being unable to represent both of us to avoid conflict of interest, Matthew was able to find a lawyer he could work with for my “partner in crime”.   Mr. Enslein absolutely delivered! The charges are completely off my record without me having to step foot in to the courthouse, all within a week of meeting with Matthew! I would recommend him to anyone and everyone, and would absolutely hire him again.

What are the consequences of a DUI?

Consequences from a DUI have both negative short-term and long-term effects on your life. Short-term consequences of a DUI are well known; however, there are also lesser known outcomes that can come up in the aftermath of a DUI. More common effects of DUIs include the temporary suspension of one’s driver’s license, ticket fees and fines, required community service hours, DUI education classes, and jail time. Furthermore, there are financial sacrifices that will be made including a significant increase in insurance premium costs, not to mention the cost of lawyer fees and bonding out of jail.

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