Kennesaw Student Simple Assault Charge

My at-the-time boyfriend called the police after we had a toxic argument where we both cut one of the other’s belongings. The police came out and decided “we had both pushed each other” (did not happen) and arrested the both of us for simple assault. Neither of us wanted that to happen to the other. They had arrested him before even speaking to me. It felt so unfair sitting in jail, embarrassingly having to call someone to help bail me out (not to mention the costs), for something we weren’t even guilty of. We are both employed, law-abiding citizens working very hard at our careers while in post-graduate school. Neither of us could afford to have our lives derailed and our records permanently scarred with an assault charge. We received 20+ letters from various lawyers in the weeks following, and I called or emailed about 10 of them. Matthew took my phone call even while busy with family to advise me and schedule an in-office consultation. We met with three of the lawyers. Matthew was by far the most professional and knowledgeable, while also being the most genuine.   All of the other lawyers we spoke with had that know-it-all, stuck up attitude. Matthew is easy to talk to and an all around good guy.

The other lawyers had told us we would have to do community service and meet all of these other requirements for a ‘diversion program’. I was also advised that having a previous DUI (that was dropped to reckless driving) would most likely prevent me from being able to participate in the program, causing me to have to go to trial. They advised us this would be a lengthy process. Matthew told me my DUI would be no issue, and if I took an anger assessment and got the results to him the charge would be dropped and off my record before my first court date. Being unable to represent both of us to avoid conflict of interest, Matthew was able to find a lawyer he could work with for my “partner in crime”.   Mr. Enslein absolutely delivered! The charges are completely off my record without me having to step foot in to the courthouse, all within a week of meeting with Matthew! I would recommend him to anyone and everyone, and would absolutely hire him again.